DIY Clear Jelly FACEMASK Slime WITHOUT GLUE!! Make Scented Soft Slime

This slime DIY was highly requested under my last “40 DIY Slime Hacks” video :D! I’ve always loved using these masks and few months ago I suddenly noticed that it contains polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). At first I didn’t think it would be realistic to use face masks for slime since it’s usually fairly expensive and used for skincare. However after making the slime hack video I realised that face mask PVA is highly concentrated so it could actually work for slime if diluted with enough water.

And it turns out that making slime with peel-off face masks is surprisingly cheap and effective!! A big advantage is that they’re MUCH easier to find than PVA glue, especially in Europe (or the USA since Elmers glue is sold out everywhere now XD). This saves you a lot of trial and error if you’re not sure which brands of glue contain PVA. However ALL peel-off face masks definitely contain PVA, and you can double check the ingredients on the back yourself.

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