DIY Jelly Clear Slime Tutorial – Instagram Inspired DIY Slime!!

So this was her latest attempt at making DIY slime and it was quite pleased with how it turned out! It is trying to create a DIY version of the “crystal clay / liquid glass” slime which is bought online. The result is a mixture between a DIY putty and a jelly which is very fun to play with. It finally found a clear PVA glue for making DIY slime and it worked the first time :D.

I tried using liquid starch to the same glue and the slime didn’t come together. Another option for making DIY slime are eye drops or contact lens solution. Sodium borate (natriumborat in German) is used as a “buffer” in many types of saline solutions and these easily available in Europe. I found a brand of eyedrops that listed sodium borate in the ingredients but I wasn’t able to make it work with the glue. Personally, I’m not sure how wise it is to buy eye drops for DIYs since those are extremely expensive. I used an entire pack for my attempted diy slime but ended up wasting it all =_=.

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