BODIES FOUND!!! Abandoned Funeral Home in the Woods

Check out this very creepy abandoned funeral homes with bodies found inside.

This funeral home is a below-ground building built in 1992 by C. Booth on a 16-acre site.
The floor of the interior of the mound is eight feet below grade, accessed by a wide stairway flanked by fountains. To either side of the chapel area, steel racks were installed with space to stack caskets 8-high. Burial packages included an on-site funeral service, as well as a custom-made video about each person interred, accessible from a public computer terminal.
It is uncertain when this “mausoleum” closed for business and ceased to be maintained. No taxes were paid on the property after Booth’s death in 2009, and the site was left abandoned. After photographs taken by “urban explorers” were publicized online, officials took steps to secure the facility.
In total, 8 bodies were recovered and this site has now been cleaned and secured.

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