10 Scariest Photos Taken Moments Before Disaster

top 10 Scary pictures that happened at the most shocking moments

If you’ve been watching our channel for any length of time then you know we love to do stories about pictures and photos. Why not? After all, it’s true what they say – a picture does really say a thousand words. Well, ok, maybe not. We forgot about the endless selfies and baby pics that get thrown up on Facebook and other social media platforms. Those are pretty much dime a dozen photos posted by people desperate for likes. Take those annoying photos out of the equation, however, and you can really get some incredible images with equally amazing stories. A friend’s vacation to a tropical paradise. Your wedding day. Images captured at a historic sporting event. The list goes on and on, but we think you get it.
Well, this particular video isn’t going to be about amazing tropical landscapes, awe-inspiring historic moments or happy endings. Nope. Ahead you will find a collection of photographs which are truly haunting to look at. For some, the picture you’ll see isn’t doesn’t necessarily stand out – until you hear the backstory. Then, once you find out what happens just moments after that image was taken you will never be able to look at it in the same way again. From vacation selfies to Facebook photos to moments where the camera just happened to be in the right – or wrong – place, these images all say a thousand words and most of them are pretty disturbing.

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