5 Biggest Lies in History That You Still Believe!

Wisdom dictates that the truth shall set you free. But we are aware of the many lies that have been told all around the world by people we respect. Lies are told for various reasons, among them fame, money and revenge. However, there are some lies that have stood the test of time. In fact, it is said that a lie repeated may actually become the truth.

5 Biggest Lies in History That You Still Believe! Ready? Well.. lets begin!

1. Clinton & Lewinsky Affair

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s affair is perhaps the most publicized love relationship the world has ever seen. In January of 1998, it was sensationally reported that the leader of the free world, Bill Clinton was having an affair with a white house intern, Monica Lewinsky. It was later revealed that president Clinton had lied about the affair ever taking place in the first place. When the heat was too much to take, he admitted to the relationship. Today, the white house affair is considered one of the biggest lies in history.

2. The Plot to Kill Charles II

An imposter going by the name of Titus Oates would soon become one of the greatest liars in the history of the world. Titus started a lie that would later cause disharmony among the people of England for a period of three years. He claims that he had unearthed a plot to kill Charles II. This is because they wanted to replace him with his brother James. Charles II eventually died and James later ascended to the throne. James discovered what Oates had done and tried him for Perjury. He was later pardoned. This was considered among the biggest lies because mainly it involved the royalties of the world. Surely you don’t lie all the way to the palace.

3. Piltdown Man

This lie happened way back in 1910. A man by the name of Charles Dawson claimed that he had found the missing link in Darwin’s theory of evolution. What people did not know was that this was in fact a hoax. The discovery was a man in pieces. To authenticate his claims, he brought the remains to a renowned paleontologist who confirmed that the remains were indeed genuine. The news became sensational and everyone wanted to have a piece of the cake. Later, other discoveries were made about evolution and when comparison was done, it was discovered that Dawson’s discoveries did not fit into the pattern of evolution. In fact, his discoveries were dated to be only 600 years old. What a lie!

4. The Trojan Horse

The war between the Troy and the Greece had lasted for over a decade. It had gotten to a point where the Trojans were now very confident that they had defeated the Greek in the war. What they did not know is that the Greek had something up their sleeve and they were planning a surprise for them. This turned out to be among the biggest lies in history. The Greek had built a huge horse with a big hollow belly where Greek soldiers were hidden. The idea was to present this horse to the Trojans as a peace offering. The Trojans accepted it and took it to the city. During the night, the soldiers hiding inside the horse broke loose and slaughtered the entire population of Troy.

5. Nazi Propaganda

The Jews had always suffered persecution in Germany until the rise of the Nazis. When the Nazis came, they started a propaganda which easily qualifies as one of the biggest lies in history. They blamed the Jews for all their problems and even accused them of sacrificing Christian children in rituals. This is when the purge of the Jews began. The truth was that the Jews were in fact not responsible for their problems.

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