I DO HAVE MERCH COMING SOOOOOOONNNN!!!!!!! I will be giving out a link and be doing the whole shebang when the time comes, but as of right now just enjoy my videos 😉 BUTTTTT WHAT’S UP AND WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER VIDEO EVERYBODY!! (Omg I sound like a real U Tuber) JK
BUTTTT! Please enjoy these FUNNY MOMENTS!!!!! 🔒 AGAIN ‼️ PLEASE BE PATIENT! ALSO PLEASE GO EASY ON ME IN THE COMMENT SECTION FOR MY DATES! ‼️I know that my dates seem a little off, but that is because these videos are from the days that I film, not the days that I post! I HAVE A QUESTION⁉️ IM SINGLE SO HMU LADIES‼️ Im 16 years old and I love going on adventures 😉 LMFAOOO‼️COMMENT DOWN BELOW ‼️ Please enjoy and be sure to pound that like button, smash that subscribe button, and turn on post notifications so you can automatically see when I upload videos.💯

P.S // I MAKE THESE VIDEOS FOR YOU GUYS!! If you have any suggestions for videos please feel free to drop a comment down below, also tell me what you want to see more of? Cinematic Intros? Gameplay? Funny Moments? We Gotta Stay Saucy #Mattygang ⚜️

P.S.S // I do not support the profane language in the music that I choose to put in my videos, most of the songs that are used are for entertainment purposes only, and are meant to be tight as hell and have sick beat drops! And i’m pretty sure that i’m pretty good at that. ☑️


Heres the link to my MUSIC!!

Music (In Order) //
☞ Freeverse 3 – Ekoh
☞ Snakes – KC Purp
☞ Yiken (Certified) – Priceless Da Roc
☞ Are You Good ?! – Bandingo YGNE
☞ GELATO – 4ourin ft. C WEST & J BLAZE

My Gear //
☞ Planet Eclipse Gtek (Blue)
☞ HK Army TFX (White/Green)
☞ HK KLR’s (White/Emerald)
☞ DYE Arm/Knee pads
☞ HK Army HSTL Pants
☞ Planet Eclipse Woodland Camo Jersey / Other Jersey idk what brand…
☞ Ninja SL Air Tank 68/45 W/ Pro V2 Regulator (SHP)

My Camera’s //
☞ GoPro Hero 6 Black
☞ GoPro Hero + LCD

Social Media //

Contact Info For Sponsorships //
☞ E – Mail :

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