Thermal camera catches people secretly farting in public!

I’m pretty sure most of us have moments when we had to fart in public. Good thing farts are invisible and even though some of them smell disgusting, they don’t give you away unless you admit to it first. Unfortunately, there’s a way to actually catch people farting in public! This is through the use of thermal cameras. See some of the funny footages taken from a thermal camera showing people secretly farting! Thermal cameras or not, nothing’s stopping me from releasing much needed gas when I have to!


Bathing in a tub full of Nutella

Ever wondered how it would be to dive into a pool of pure chocolate goodness? Of course, I bet some of us have imagined doing exactly that, but none of us were as brave enough to turn that dream into a reality. We thought that bathing in a pool (or tub) of chocolate would only be an imagination, that is until this guy decided to step up and do exactly what none of us ever thought–bathe in a tub full of Nutella. I don’t know if this was a pure act of genius or plain stupidity. What do you think?


13 year old girl set-ups her boyfriend to see if he will cheat!

The Youtube channel “To Catch A Cheater” has been gaining a lot of popularity lately as they show men getting caught in the act cheating! Women mostly have their boyfriends set up to see if they will give in to temptation. This video however shows a 13 year old girl setting up her 13 year old boyfriend! Cringeworthy, I know. When I was 13, I was still busy playing with dolls. What has this generation come to?