Beautiful Australian Landscape With Super Cute Animals!

Australia has one of the most unique and amazing animal inhabitants in the world. Remember to hit LIKE if you enjoyed the video! It helps me out a lot smile emoticon In this video I tried to capture the stunning combination of the animals and habitats that they can be found within. The areas visited include Dunns Swamp, Newns, Regional Bathurst, Capertee and a few smaller hidden areas I found along the way. The animals featured in the video include: Wombats Red-necked Wallabies Grey Kangaroos Swamp Wallabies If you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.


How To Choose a Natural Building Material

You may find cob cottages particularly cute, but taste isn’t reason enough to choose one natural building material over another. Like more manufactured products, different earth materials all have different uses: straw bale is a great insulator, cob is a nice thermal sink as well as one of the easiest materials to sculpt if you’re looking for lots of curves in your structure. Since different parts of the building need to do different tasks, even in the same building you might choose straw bale for one wall and cob for another. Natural building expert Michael G. Smith shows us some of the uses for straw bale, cob, slip straw and…


Cute Water Plants From Ikea

The water plants or hydrofyten can be found in quiet, slow flowing rivers or permanent lakes. If the water dries will file the survival of these plants are impossible. These plants have adapted to allow a submers life. The roots only serve to anchor the plant. The stems can be up to ten meters long and are flexible and bendable. The floating leaves can therefore evolve with the water level so that the light absorption never compromised. Other types of driving, irrespective of the soil just below or above the water surface. In both cases, the nutrients will be mainly obtained by means of the blade. If you like this…