Livin’ the Dream with YouTube’s Most Popular Treasure Hunter

Jake Koehler is a pretty regular dude — he loves surfing, fishing, freediving and hanging out at the Chattahoochee River in Columbus, Georgia. Jake’s found a lot of cool stuff on his dives, from GoPros and iPhones lost by rafters to knives and pistols (that were, of course, turned over to the proper authorities). Jake started filming his diving adventures, and his river treasure hunting videos have really taken off. Like, REALLY. His YouTube channel ( has 1.4 MILLION subscribers, and he’s been able to make diving and creating his videos a full-time job. Not too shabby for a day on the river, right? If you like this video, like…


Still Smiling: Laura Enever

Although the 25-year-old Australian is a six-year CT veteran, she’s become famous for requalifying by the skin of her teeth. This year Laura is in the same high-stakes situation, heading into the final CT event of the season in Maui. But rather than letting the pressure mount, she chose to distract herself with one of the heaviest waves in world. While her bubbly, outgoing attitude may mask her hard-charging approach, Laura’s grin only grows wider when the waves get serious. This year she pushed herself into another realm when she competed in the first-ever women’s Big Wave Tour contest, the Pe’ahi Women’s Challenge. After committing to a monster in Round…


The Weirdest and Most Wonderful Waves of 2016

These are the waves that provide a reprieve from tiresome terms like high-performance and progression. We’ve pieced together everything from the dolphin jumping on a WA grom in Kalbarri, Blair Conklin’s work on the Wedge sider, Kai Lenny’s double wave, JOB’s hamster wheel at Pipe, Alex Smith seated at Namibia and more. So go ahead and pour yourself a snifter and watch the best dance moves of the year. If you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.