LA coliving: PodShare’s Permeable Intersection Between Social/Privacy

For $40 to $50 per night (or discounted weekly and monthly prices), Podestrians can choose a bottom or top sleeping pod (equipped with a lamp and a small flatscreen television with Internet access) along with all the shared spaces, including a kitchen (with communal food, and space for individual storage in the pantry and fridge), bathroom, showers (toiletries included) and a communal lounge. If you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.


This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water

As urban populations continue to rise, innovators are looking beyond traditional farming as a way to feed everyone while having less impact on our land and water resources. Vertical farming is one solution that’s been implemented around the world. Vertical farms produce crops in stacked layers, often in controlled environments such as those built by AeroFarms in Newark, New Jersey. AeroFarms grows a variety of leafy salad greens using a process called “aeroponics,” which relies on air and mist. AeroFarms’ crops are grown entirely indoors using a reusable cloth medium made from recycled plastics. In the absence of sun exposure, the company uses LED lights that expose plants to only…


Galaxy Nails! 5 Galaxy Nail Art Designs & Ideas

This nail tutorial shows five different galaxy nail designs. Milky Way nail art, full moon in the night sky nail design, nebula nails, water marble galaxy nail art and an ombre galaxy nail art. Many galaxy nail art ideas in one nail art tutorial! But don’t worry, all of these galaxy or space nail designs are very easy and simple to create. Perfect DIY nail art for beginners – I show each galaxy design step by step. If you like this video. Share it on Facebook and twitter.


20 Minutes of “BEST URF FUNNY MOMENTS” in LoL (200 IQ Lee Sin Q, URF Outplay…)

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