Ballet Versus Twerk: Which is Better?

Twerking is very popular nowadays but ballet has already proven the worthiness of its style. When these two dance forms collide, which would make the most impression? The performers in this video are both athletic and have great from and knowledge of their own dance form. Importantly, this video shows how two different forms of performance art can be amazing and extraordinary in their own rights and deserve to be both admired. If you like this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


This Is How Stoned Dogs React After Visit to the Vet

These dogs just came from the vet and they’re high as a kite. Find out how stoned dogs react to their owner’s command. It’s unusual to see dogs that are stoned this much. They don’t respond to common commands and would just let a ball pass them by. The anesthesia might be necessary for their procedure at the vet but the after effects of the drug is extraordinarily unusual and a little disturbing. If you feel bad for these dogs, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.  


Hilarious Animals Getting Jumpy Over Nothing

It’s fun to watch animals react to different situations especially when they get scared over basically nothing. Watch this hilarious video of animals acting jumpy over nothing. This video shows how little it takes for animals to get scared. Some of them get scared over vegetables, while some get scared over invisible things. Even though they look horrified, rest assured no animals were harmed in making this video. If you laughed while watching this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


How Will Men React When The Girl They See On Tinder is Actually Fat?

According to studies, the number one fear of women when it comes to dating on Tinder is that their date is actually a serial killer. For men, their worst fear is when their date is actually fat. Find out if any of the men stayed when their “hot” date is actually fat. This is a social experiment to find out how men will react when the girl they see on Tinder is extremely different from her photos. A slender women underwent make up and heavy transformation to look fatter than her Tinder pictures. Most men react similarly, trying to dodge the fat girl. Find out if there’s any gentleman left…


Most Hilarious Ballet Performance

Ballet performances are often serious and fraught with classical styles. Not this one. Check out the unusual choreography and obviously scripted hilarity of this performances. At first glance, this ballet performance already has the promising beginnings of a hilarious performance. Ballets performances usually follows strict classical style but this unusual number deviates in several ways as it applies the techniques of ballet but with a mix of scripted confusion and calculated chaos. Check it out and watch the amazing execution of the scripted errors in the performance. If you find this video hilarious, share it on Facebook and Twitter.  


Get Inside These Ridiculously Expensive Celebrity Homes

Home is where your heart is. But it certainly doesn’t hurt if your home is worth millions of dollars. Check out these celebrity cribs that are insanely expensive. From Taylor Swift to Leonardo di Caprio, these celebrities like to live in beautiful homes with extraordinary features like a sprawling garden or an ultra modern bathroom. Check out the awesome homes and extraordinary living condition of these rich and famous who definitely like to splurge. If you like these celebrity cribs, share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Weird and Bizarre

The Most Bizarre High-Heels Ever

Shoes can tell you about someone’s character. But what if you own any of these ridiculous high heels? Check this video out and be ready to gasp at these most bizarre women’s shoes ever. It’s tough enough to walk in regular high heels. What’s more in these weirdly shaped and unusually designed shoe wear? Check out these ridiculous designs and the disturbingly unusual materials used in creating them. Modern and bizarre, these creations are proof that creativity could be somewhat extreme. Would you dare to try out any of these shoes? If you think this video is interesting, share it on Facebook and Twitter.  


Cool and Easy Ways You Can Reuse Old Clothes

It’s not practical to keep on buying clothes nowadays when you can easily transform old ones to become awesome and new. Here are 10 cool ways you can easily upgrade your old wardrobe. From flannel pajamas to old sweaters, you can easily transform old styles to new ones and look stylishly cool. It’s important to look polish and practical at the same time. Here are amazing ways to easily upgrade old clothes and make them more wearable and up to date. Check out these cool tips and try your hand on some of these awesome transformation. If you learn from this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Weird and Bizarre

Things That All Guys Do But Would Never Admit

It’s not only women who have dirty little secrets. Men also harbor some pretty embarrassing secrets. Here are some of the things that the men in your life will try so hard to keep from you. Some of these secrets are okay, while some are downright embarrassing. From preening, getting jealous, to fantasizing about your best friend, men strive to keep these things from you. How many of these things have you noticed with the men in your life? If you like this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.