How to Build Your Own Washing Machine at Home

This is a cool DIY video on how to build your own washing machine when buying one from the store is too much for your budget. Find out how you can manufacture your own stuff at home. It looks pretty simple to make when you have a degree on electronics or just a basic know-how on how appliances work. Then all you need are plastic containers and other items that are easily available nowadays. If you like this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


Make Your Own Bladeless Fan at Home

The main feature of this invention is that it’s radically different from your usual fans. It’s bladeless and practically looks futuristic. All you need are easily available items at home and a little perseverance to build the fan structure. It’s a big hit in Japan and Europe due to its futuristic look and safety features. The great news is that you can make this fancy appliance by your own. Check out how you can do it in this video. If you like this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


Make Your Own Vacuum Cleaner Using a Bottle

This incredible DIY will show you how to build you own vacuum cleaner using an old soda bottle. It’s cheap, easy, and fun. All you need is a little creativity and persistence to make this useful invention. Also, you’ll need an old liter soda bottle, an empty can of soda, a hole driller, wire, some electronic parts, and voila! You now have your own vacuum cleaner to impress people. You can also use it effectively in your house. If you think this video is educational, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


Professional Tricks in the Kitchen that You Should Know

Don’t have time to take a cooking class? These important Chef’s tricks are going to get you far in the kitchen. From microwaving lemons, to using frozen grapes as ice cubes, these professional tricks are sure to make you a star in any cooking party. Who knows there are incredibly easy ways to improve your kitchen skills? Find out more of these interesting and useful kitchen tips. If you find this video helpful, share it on Facebook and Twitter.