Dad Gives Adorable Tutorial Video on How To Put Baby To Sleep

How exactly do you put a baby to sleep? This father will show you how. The cute baby in this video seems to be the most obedient baby in the world. She goes to sleep on queue and likes to say ‘see ya’. The father demonstrates common strategies on how to tuck a baby to bed in a hilariously dead pan way. But his adorable daughter steals the spotlight when she innocently just lays down no matter how silly his tips are. If you can’t help but say aaaaw to this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


Doing This Will Calm A Crying Baby In Just 5 Seconds

It’s the secret any parent will kill for. How exactly do you stop a baby from crying? Check out this incredibly effective way to calm your baby down. It’s surprisingly so easy to do and doesn’t take anything to soothe a distressed baby. It’s called The Fold, and it’s the Holy Grail of parenting an infant. Find out how the doctor in this video does it and be amazed at how fast these crying babies calm down. Just remember to hold the baby tight enough to avoid any undesirable accidents. If you can’t wait to try this out to a crying baby, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


Cat Haters Forced To Live With Cats For A Week

Imagine being indifferent to cats and suddenly being forced to live with one. Find out how these people manage to live with cats for a week. You’re either a dog lover or a cat love. But they say that you only become a cat lover once you’ve experienced living with a cat. Could this be true? Follow a group of people who have never in their wildest dreams thought of adopting a cat in their homes. The total experience of living with a cat has completely changed their perspective and they have become endearingly close wit their pets. This whole experiment proves the saying to be true. If you think…


Amazing Shaolin Monk Runs Atop Water

We all know the impressive abilities that shaolin monks have but you’ve never seen anything like this before. This experienced shaolin monk had been practicing how to run atop light wood boards on water. This video shows how he attempted to run through across the entire lake without getting swallowed by the water. It took him six tries but the jubilation and applause of the people makes it all worth it  when he finally succeeded. Check out the moment when he crossed the lake running top speed with grace and agility to the finish line. If you were impressed by the shaolin patience, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.


This Dog Makes the Most Hilarious Guilty Face

This dog apparently ate the forbidden biscuit. This video will make you believe that dogs can show a wide variety of emotions that could be a source of human enjoyment. The owner starts by asking each of his dog who ate the biscuit. Each dog showed different reactions and expressions but the guilty one looks so hilariously and obviously guilty. Also check out the face of the dog who served as accomplice. If you laughed out loud watching this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


Your Dog Will Love This Hotel

Leave your dog in this hotel for guaranteed pampering and special treatment. This dog hotel is the most luxurious in New York City with complete spa and grooming services, luxurious buffet, personal gym, and loads of playtime. It offers freedom from guilt and anxiety to dog owners who have to leave their pets for a while. Check out how luxurious this place is and be amazed at the VIP treatment these dogs get. If you find this video interesting, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


The Sauce on This Pizza is Literally Overflowing

Do you need more sauce in your pizza? Check out this pizza place in New York. There sauce is literally overflowing. The pizza makers in this fine pizza place insist that this is how pizza is originally made. And they’re right. The saucy pizza will definitely make your mouth water and your face smeared with all the extra sauce. Check out this video for a visul experience on how they make this incredibly amazing pizza. If you suddenly have a craving for pizza, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.


Check Out Most Luxurious Watch In The World

Watches are important part of our daily get up, but this one is the most important in anybody’s get up since it costs a whooping $2.6 million. Crafted by the most talented watch makers in the world, this watch demands attention not only on its exteriors but more so on what’s inside it. The watch makers labored for hundreds of hours and polished it to perfection. There are only 7 in the world so it’s a definite collector’s item. Check out the process on how it was made and be amazed at the craftsmanship of the world’s most luxurious watch. If you think this is worth sharing, share it on…