Forever Alone? Fret not! VR Girlfriend to the Rescue!

Forever Alone? Have trouble finding a girlfriend? Feeling rejected because you’re not hot or attractive enough for most girls? Worry no more. The long wait is over…VR Kanojo or VR Girlfriend is here! This VR Kanojo is the latest game that brings a virtual girlfriend to your home. This is definitely a dream come true for most geeks, otakus and no-girlfriend-since-birth. The game is still in its initial stages but will definitely be available for everyone soon. Are you interested in getting one?


Surprise nut show at a hamster’s tooth trimming!

Hamsters are cute little fur balls that need regular care, maintenance and attention. One of the things most people who own hamsters should know is that hamster teeth need trimming when they’re overgrown. This cute video shows a pet owner trying to trim her hamster’s overgrown teeth when she suddenly comes across a pleasant surprise! Cute video, right? Doesn’t this just make you want to go out and get your own hamster?