What happens when Japanese try to speak English!

Learning how to speak a new language can be tough. You always end up making a lot of mistakes and sometimes people make fun of you. But if you’re really determined, you’ll get over the embarrasment and have fun learning along the way! These Japanese girls attempting to speak English is just too funny not to share. They may bemaking a lot of mistakes, but their cuteness and awkwardness makes them quite adorable despite everything . You can’t help but fall for their charm.


Japanese Governors urge men to help at home by experiencing the beauty of pregnancy themselves

Japanese men are known to be some of the most uncooperativ husbands in the world. They bury themselves with work while their wives take care of the housework and child-rearing. But what happens if they get a taste of what it’s like to raise a child and share responsibilities at home? This video campaign participated by some of Japan’s governors is aimed at giving men an idea of how it feels to raise a child while keeping a clean and happy home. Is it easy? Hardly. Howevr, if men share the burden of child rearing andhousehold responsibilities, then life becomes easier.