Funny LoL Series #1 : League of Thug Life

New Year Special Ft. Doublelift, Darien, Dyrus, Montecristo… Reference to : Happy New Year ! I want to thank you for your support and love 🙂 I wish you guys the best year ! ➞ ➞ ➞ Songs: Intro : ANDRU – My Love | Video: SirensCeol – Coming Home [NCS Release] | Outro : Itro – Panda Funny league of legends moments,Funny moments doublelift,Funny moments dyrus,Funny moments darien,Funny league of legends interview,League of Thug life,Funny interviews,League of legends funny interviews,League of legends,Marcus ”Dyrus” Hill (Person)


Autotune vs real voice hilarious video !! LOL ComediHa!

Subscribe: Sound Engineer’s Hard Work ! Song : Lol 🙂 is a real funnny tv show of a great quality. The skits are funnier one than the other, the settings are gorgeous and the actors are extraordinary (Réal Bossé Sylvie Moreau Antoine VézinaJulie Ménard Martin Drainville). Lol 🙂 est un show de télévision extrêment drôle et d’une qualité exceptionnel. Les sketchs sont hillarants , les décors fabuleux et les acteurs sont formidables (Réal Bossé Sylvie Moreau Antoine VézinaJulie Ménard Martin Drainville). Facebook: #LOLComediHa Funny videos,comediha,sound engineer,sound engineer funny,lol comediha,lol,sound engineer’s hard work,fail singers,sound engineer fail,sound engineering,sound engineering tutorial,sound engineering for beginners,sound engineering course,sound engineer studio,worst singer,worst song…