10 Scariest Photos Taken Moments Before Disaster

top 10 Scary pictures that happened at the most shocking moments If you’ve been watching our channel for any length of time then you know we love to do stories about pictures and photos. Why not? After all, it’s true what they say – a picture does really say a thousand words. Well, ok, maybe not. We forgot about the endless selfies and baby pics that get thrown up on Facebook and other social media platforms. Those are pretty much dime a dozen photos posted by people desperate for likes. Take those annoying photos out of the equation, however, and you can really get some incredible images with equally amazing…


10 Unusual People Born With Extra Body Parts

  We all dread having an accident where we lose a limb or are thankful that we are born with all our pieces in tact but what if you were born with a plus rather than a minus?  Thousands of people in the world are born with extra body parts. The most common extra add on is a sixth toe but some rare souls are born with eye-poppingly strange duplicates in their anatomy. Here now are ten people born with extra body parts. if you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.


Most Unbelievable Self-Inflicted Knockouts in the MMA

Knocking out the opponent is the ultimate goal in the ring, however, these fighters accidentally, and embarrassingly, knock themselves out instead. You’re rooting for the best fighter to win but sometimes the best fighter is the one who doesn’t beat himself out. Check out these top picks of guys who had the ridiculous accident that made them lose the match in a mildly hilarious twist of event. If you like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.