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How To Make Your Own Flower Fairy Doll

It’s so easy and fun to do. Check out how to create this whimsical flower fairy dill. This easy DIY doll making tutorial will teach you how to make a doll using a basic flower fairy doll technique. This includes using floral wire, a wooden bead, embroidery floss, and a silk flower. The supplies for this tutorial inexpensive. Once you have mastered making a basic flower fairy there are a lot fun options and variations. If you like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.


How To Make A Cute DIY Mini Baby For Your Barbie

Look at how adorable this miniature baby is. Make one, or many, for your dollhouse and Barbie by following this easy DIY tutorial. In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to make this cute miniature baby with miniature pacifier and baby doll crib. This tutorial is very easy to follow and mostly, you’ll use things you can find around the house. For the baby, use polymer clay. You can also use mold magic or air dry clay and then just paint it. If you like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.

Words of Wisdom

Are You Comfortable With Your Body? Find Out How Kids Answer

In this video, 50 people of all ages are asked the same question: What would you change about your body?Not surprisingly, most of the adults are riddled with insecurities and feelings of inadequacies. Endearingly, the kids response with more quirk and adorable innocence. This video makes you question our perspective about our own bodies. Maybe we should take a lesson from the children’s perspectives. If you learned something valuable from this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.