This Is How Stoned Dogs React After Visit to the Vet

These dogs just came from the vet and they’re high as a kite. Find out how stoned dogs react to their owner’s command. It’s unusual to see dogs that are stoned this much. They don’t respond to common commands and would just let a ball pass them by. The anesthesia might be necessary for their procedure at the vet but the after effects of the drug is extraordinarily unusual and a little disturbing. If you feel bad for these dogs, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.  


Awkward but cute proposal of a woman patient and her nurse!

Being under anesthesia can often lead us dazed, sedated and confused. Recently videos of people under anesthesia have gone viral online. This is mostly because people drugged with anesthesia tend to act in funny ways. This cute video below shows a female patient groggy with anesthesia flirting and proposing to her nurse! How awkward is that? Good thing the nurse is a good sport about it! Maybe we’d all be living in a better world if we were all under anesthesia, right?