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Turning Toxins Into Art | ‘That’s Amazing’

Across America’s Rust Belt, abandoned mines are leaching toxins into rivers and streams, turning them shades of dirty red. The color is disturbing, but for two men, it’s also the tint of inspiration. One is a civil engineer who has begun extracting these toxins from the waters; the other is an artist, who transforms that material into acrylic paint and stunning works of art. This is one promising example of how art and science can collaborate to make our world a better place.


Apple Pencil Versus A Real Pencil: Which is Better?

Apple pencil is all the rage nowadays especially if you’re an artist with the penchant to try on new things. It certainly has good brand name and you get to sketch on a cool pad. On the other hand, some people still prefer the rawness of the real pencil. This video demonstrates the different effects you get when using an Apple pencil and a real pencil. Which one is better? You decide. If you think the artist in this video has awesome skills, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.


These Hand Drawn Famous Logos Are Incredibly Beautiful to Watch

Watch this artist effortlessly draw famous logos using special markers.  This kind of art is slowly gaining followers for its hypnotic effect. It’s easy to see why it found a newfound appreciation from viewers worldwide. The satisfying feeling you get watching the pen slide effortlessly to create beautiful letters is undeniable. This video makes it more amazing as the artist draws famous logos that are usually printed. Seeing these logos recreated by hand using a pen is simply gorgeous. If you felt vaguely relaxed after watching this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.