Pre-Teen Beauty Queen

Sasha Bennington is a determined, ambitious model who wants to get to the top of the beauty pageant ladder. She’s also eleven years old. Her ambitious mum Jayne, a former glamour model and dad Martin, have instilled in her that looks and money are the most important things in life and Jayne is actively helping her daughter on the road to stardom. After a model casting and TV appearance, Jayne has bigger and better ideas for Sasha and her 8 year old brother Max. They’re off to Dallas, Texas to become the first ever British kids to take part in a kid’s beauty pageant. With nails done, hair bleached and…


Here’s What Apple Cider Can Do For You

NewApple cider has been around for so long but do you know what it can actually do? Research on the vinegar shows that it is effective in losing weight. So if you want to shed some extra pounds, just prepare a glass of warm water, add two teaspoons of apple cider, one teaspoon of honey, and swirl it. Drink it early in the morning for best results. Aside from weight loss, this video also shows that it’s good for hair and skin. So give it  try. If you like this video, share it on Facebook.