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Eco Surfboard Project

This is a presentation of the Eco Surfboard Project. Surfboard and Paddleboard made of plastic bottle and another recycle materials created by jairo Lumertz. There is more garbage out there than you think. Most of it is plastic! And this is a big problem for all of us.  From our planet’s point of view there is no throwing garbage out because there is no out! Since 2012, the Eco Surfboard Project take a message about the importance of conserving the environment, keeping our waterways clean and recycling. Transforming every plastic bottles into all kinds of surf boards and paddleboards, and developing lectures and workshops at schools, universities and community groups….


The Horrifying Side Effects of Make Up That You Should Know About

Make up sure can make you look pretty and shiny but there are considerable risks in using it regularly. Beware of its horrifying side effects. From dry skin, sagging and wrinkly skin to pink eye, make up actually can do some serious damage to your health if you use it all the time. Take a break every now and them from using it to give your skin cells some time to heal. If you like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.


15 Amazing Ways to Use Baking Soda at Home

Do you know that baking soda is basically all you need at home? From cleaning, baking, deodorizing, to making yourself beautiful, baking soda is all you need. Baking soda is very cheap and easily available. Instead of buying chemical-laden and various products, you can use this one essential ingredient. Just add a little lemon or water and you’re good to go. It’s a great way to go natural and save loads of money. If you are amazed by the different ways you can use baking soda, share this video on facebook and twitter.


This Is How You Clean the Inside of Things

This magnetic scrubber lets you clean the inside of things that are hard to get to like glass pipes and vases. Check out this video as it demonstrates exactly how this magical little scrubber effectively cleans dirty pipes with only the help of soap and water. It uses magnets to scrub clean the inside of things. Say goodbye to frustration and be satisfied with how clean this scrubber does its job. If you feel satisfied watching this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.