Turning Toxins Into Art | ‘That’s Amazing’

Across America’s Rust Belt, abandoned mines are leaching toxins into rivers and streams, turning them shades of dirty red. The color is disturbing, but for two men, it’s also the tint of inspiration. One is a civil engineer who has begun extracting these toxins from the waters; the other is an artist, who transforms that material into acrylic paint and stunning works of art. This is one promising example of how art and science can collaborate to make our world a better place.


Can You See This? Try These Amazing Mind Tricks

Relax and unwind, have a lovely illusion test. Test your brain and be awed at how your brain processes these images. Your brain is the most powerful organ in terms of creating consciousness. What’s more fun is that it could sometimes trick you into something that isn’t there. Try looking at these images in the video and hear scientific explanations at why we see these illusions the way we do. If you find this video fun, share it on facebook and twitter.