This Is How The Cast of Game of Thrones Should Really Look Like

Casting can make or break a show, and that’s particularly true when it’s based on a popular book series. When it comes to the beloved Game of Thrones on HBO, many of the characters don’t quite match what’s written in George R.R. Martin’s books—in fact, in a few circumstances, they don’t match at all. Here’s how the cast of Game of Thrones should really look… If you like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.


Tattooed Ex-Gang Members React To Their Photos Without Tattoos

A photographer took photos of a dozen ex-gang members whose bodies are filled with tattoos, photoshopped them to remove their ink and then showed the photos to them. Their reactions are priceless. Some of them can’t believe what they see in the photos while some think that their loved ones will love their photos without their tattoos.  We don’t know if they feel regret or remorse over their tattoos but they do agree that they look different without them. If you liked this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.