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4 Things You’re Not Allowed to Do in Space

There are lots of things that you’re allowed to do on earth that you absolutely can’t if you’re an astronaut. Some of them, you wouldn’t expect. One big rule is: no sex allowed. The limited space could complicate things, plus other risks. Another thing is booze. Also is bread, or crumbs, because they can float around and get inside instruments. There are other rules that should be followed in space. Find out what else. Share this video if you like it!


This Is How You Clean the Inside of Things

This magnetic scrubber lets you clean the inside of things that are hard to get to like glass pipes and vases. Check out this video as it demonstrates exactly how this magical little scrubber effectively cleans dirty pipes with only the help of soap and water. It uses magnets to scrub clean the inside of things. Say goodbye to frustration and be satisfied with how clean this scrubber does its job. If you feel satisfied watching this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.