Science and Technology

‘That’s Amazing’ | Meet Earth’s Minders

The Earth needs champions—people willing to go to great heights (and depths) in order to conserve the natural world. In the third episode of “That’s Amazing,” we meet a team of diver-scientists who stay underwater for weeks at a time in the name of science, a biologist growing millions of trees to plant them across the devastated forests of the American West and an extraordinarily gifted rock balancer. If you like this video, like us on Facebook and Twitter.


American Kids React To Breakfasts From Around The World

They’re extremely picky and ridiculously critical when it comes to food. Watch as these American kids taste food served for breakfast around the world. Most of them just right out spit food that they find disgusting and shove them away without any consideration. But they also smile and squeal in delight when they like a certain food. Which breakfast do they love? and which one do they hate? Find out. If you like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.