Gordon Ramsay Goes Diving for Fresh Scallops

The fun celebrity chef loves scallops and decides to go diving for them by himself. Follow him in this adventure and find out what he does to the seafood at the end of the video. Scallops are one of the most popular sea foods but this one is known as really expensive. Gordon Ramsay believes they should be harvested and cultured sustainably, so he shows us how it’s done: hand dived.. If you enjoy this video, share it on facebook and twitter.


Video shows great white shark getting stuck inside a dive cage with 4 divers! Intense!

Photographer Peter Maguire was on a shark dive off Guadalupe Island, Mexico in September when he captured an intense moment only few people live to tell–a great white shark getting inside a dive cage with four divers! As you can see from the video, afemale shark known as Milana Arnone swims up to the tank’s air supply and bites the hose. here’s another angle shot from inside the cage itself: Perhaps the shark just wanted to save the humans from the cage? LOL


Great White shark breaks into diver’s cage! How terrifying!

Diver’s cages provide professional divers and tourists alike an opportunity to observe sharks in their habitat without fear of getting attacked. But,what happens when a shark breaks into the cage while someone is still inside? This is exactly what happened during an innocent dive which quickly turned into a terrifying struggle between life and death. Luckily, the man was safe and the shark was able to get away from the cage, too!