Donald Trump


President Trump Will Dance With FLOTUS To Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ At Inaugural Ball

All eyes will be on Donald Trump and his third wife Melania as they dance for the first time as president and first lady to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” The song will be performed by Erin Boheme. “It’s a tremendous honor,” Boheme told Inside Edition. “I’m going to be performing along with two other Nashville-based performers who are extraordinary.” She added: “This isn’t even about politics for me. I would have gladly accepted had it been a Democrat or independent that was taking the office.” If you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.


Get to Know the First White House Boy in Decades

Now that Donald Trump has been elected as president of the US, and is gearing up for his inauguration in January, get to know his youngest son, Barron Trump. This preteen boy is gaining the attention of the media as he is the youngest son of business tycoon and presumptive president. Here are interesting facts you might want to know about the first young boy in the White house for decades. If you like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.