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Some Entertaining Secrets of The Lunar Object

Where did the Moon come from? Why are all of the craters the same depth? How come there is no other moon with a similar ratio to the planet size in our entire solar system? Have you ever thought that the moon could be the pass life earth planet? May not make sense but the world possible will end by nuclear war or by pollution summing up why the moon is artificial …. And makes a gong like noise because it was a inner shelter for life forms, and why some many different planets have different moons because that how many cycles there been through. If you like this video,…


Wild Drummer Brings Excitement at Boring Gig

It takes mad skills to play the way this drummer played in this regular gig. Hands up in the air and the drum sticks thrown wildly numerous times, this crazy drummer showed his mad drum skills in an unexpected way. It takes loads of expertise and finesse to play wildly as he does and he never once dropped his drum sticks. He certainly knows how to entertain his audience, and himself. If you like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.