Great Horse Games Trick Training & Fun

More fun Games for horses! Here we do games just with some old tyres. Jay shows how to jump over a tyre, back up through tyres, gets lunged from me standing in a tyre, kicks a tyre…etc.All these exercises are a great basis for horse trick training It is also found that they help to increase the communication with the horse and therefore deepen the bond between a rider and a horse. Of course, they are a lot of fun for horse and rider. I always use positive reinforcement methods for training and when we play games I make sure that the horse enjoys it as much as I do….

Words of Wisdom

Scientifically Proven Tips to Lose Fats

Instead of taking diet pills and adhering strictly to commercialized diet plans, here are weight loss tips that have been proven effective by science. How exactly do you lose weight? Here are safe and proven ways to eventually lose weight and tone down fats. It’s actually easy to do it but it takes discipline and consistent practice to ultimately burn those unnecessary and unsightly belly fat. If you think others should see this video, share it on facebook and twitter.


Watch This Ostrich Chase Away Cyclists

It’s fun cycling with friends but it’s even more fun cycling with an ostrich. In this video, a couple of cyclists had the pleasure to cycle with an ostrich. We don’t know exactly if the ostrich was having fun with all the physical activity or if it was chasing the cyclists away. Whatever the reason is, you can’t deny that this is a rare and adorable experience. If you wish to be chased by an ostrich while cycling, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.