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10 Magic and Cool Science Experiments You Can Do at Home with Kids! Learning Video for Kids!!

10 Magic and Cool Science Experiments you can do at home with kids! Amazing experiments! Learning Video for Kids!  The perfect and totally free gift: incredible experiments to entertain the whole family. Why expensive toys, iPhone 6, luxury hotels and restaurants? Many times the happiness, the most important thing in your life, is free 🙂 ..these cool and magic experiments could be the best way to bring the family together. Learning Video for Kids! Not just learn colors with surprise eggs, in this video you will learn cool science tricks to play with! Do science experiments and play with Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Peppa Pig or Spidermar: learn and…


Mary’s Room: A Philosophical Thought Experiment – Eleanor Nelsen

Imagine a neuroscientist who has only ever seen black and white things, but she is an expert in color vision and knows everything about its physics and biology. If, one day, she sees color, does she learn anything new? Is there anything about perceiving color that wasn’t captured in her knowledge? Eleanor Nelsen explains what this thought experiment can teach us about experience. If you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.


Watch The Hilarious Reactions of Wild Animals To Their Own Reflections

How does a gorilla react to its own reflection? How about tigers? In this experiment, a group of people install a giant mirror in a location in the wild where the animals frequently pass. They want to find out how animals react to reflections. Find out in this hilarious yet adorable video of animals in the wild reacting to their own reflections in the mirrors. If you think you have a better reaction to your own reflection than these animals, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.