Turning Toxins Into Art | ‘That’s Amazing’

Across America’s Rust Belt, abandoned mines are leaching toxins into rivers and streams, turning them shades of dirty red. The color is disturbing, but for two men, it’s also the tint of inspiration. One is a civil engineer who has begun extracting these toxins from the waters; the other is an artist, who transforms that material into acrylic paint and stunning works of art. This is one promising example of how art and science can collaborate to make our world a better place.


For some reason, watching people’s blackheads getting popped can be gross yet satisfying to watch

  Extraction videos, particularly pimple-popping videos, are going viral online. Quite a few people feel an odd sense of satisfaction watching pimples getting popped out of other people’s faces, noses, backs and body. While some of these videos can be gross, some of us find ourselves having a hard time looking away as they can be quite entrancing, too. The video below is just one among the hundreds of extraction videos online. However, what makes this different is that the patient has enormous blackheads on her back. How will this extraction come out? For those who have lost their appetites watching this videos, next time, be sure not to eat…