This Hair Salon Nails Rainbow Hair

This hair salon nails rainbow hair. Chameleon New Age Salon is in Surfers Paradise, Australia. They have hairdressing, all aspects of hairdressing. Passionate hairdressers, brides, kids, grandmas. They offer a ton of services, like yoga and beauty therapy. The best thing about “Chameleon” is the feeling when you walk through the door. It is community, it is friendship, it is peaceful. If you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.  


How Your Belly Controls Your Brain

Can you believe that your stomach actually controls your brain? Be careful what you eat now. As a nutritionist, microbiologist and neuroscientist, Ruairi Robertson is passionate about the link between our bellies and brains. His research is examining how our intestines and the microbes within them can influence both physical and mental health, and most importantly how our diets influence this relationship. Ruairi has travelled the world researching food, and believes it is the key to global public health.