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There is Power From Our Own Uniqueness

Descartes famously reasoned, ‘I think, therefore I am.’ But, how do we know who we are? Can identity be defined? These are the questions that keep cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Julian Keenan busy. He studies the brain and all aspects of self-awareness. It turns out that our identities are quite malleable, changing from situation to situation. Dr. Keenan uses science to address complex existential and biological questions about our identities and our selves, themes found in the new Hulu original “Chance.” If you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.


Freedom Granted to a Siberian Tiger Captured in High Definition

Watch as this incredibly rare tiger is released and returned to its wild habitat. Meet Zolushka the luckiest tiger in the world. This orphaned Siberian tigress was left to fend for herself when she was only a few months old — her mother likely killed by poachers. Less than 400 of these rare creatures exist in the wild – the survival of the species literally hangs in the balance with each individual animal. IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare worked with partners in far east Russia to rescue and rehabilitate this amazing animal. If you like this video like us on facebook and twitter.


This Incredible Story of How Rats Are Taking A Part In Rescuing Lives Can Inspire You

Such an amazing story in a place and about a topic people would never expect. Rats are a key in saving life there in Africa. Lets give them a recognition of there efforts for they companionship. Recently this man traveled to Mozambique in East Africa to find out how rats are changing the lives of the locals.Its very important to mention that NO RATS HAVE DIED in the process of de – mining since the operation has began. They are to light to set of any triggers. They are treated with love and care! I truly hope you enjoyed this film! If you want to have more of this inspiring videos,…