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Set Your Soul Free With This Amazing Adventure

There is so much importance in your own spiritual enlightenment. Sometimes when the world weighs down on you, maybe you just need to take a break and listen to how nature teaches us ways to relax and have fun with its forces around us. When Lee-Ann and Bianca approached me to make a short surf film for them I wanted to do something different; something with meaning. ‘The sound of Silence’ is a film about discovery through disconnecting from day to day information at our fingertips, instant gratification and chaos; Its a film about adventure in its purest form. We decided to fly french Lee-Ann down to South Africa to…


Your Heart Will Overflow How This Guy Loves Cats

One man can always make a difference. This guy just made his house an amazing paradise for his feline companion. Its amazing to turn your life into a success along side with your favorite buddies. To keep his 15 rescue cats occupied, home builder Peter Cohen has constructed elaborate catwalks, tunnels, platforms and perches throughout his California home. This is one fun house you’ve got to see to believe. If you find this video inspiring follow us on facebook and twitter. We will be glad to hear from you.


Mind-Blowing Mind Games to Try on Your Friends

Bored at doing the usual things with your friends? Why not try these tried and tested mind tricks to break the monotony. Or if you simply love to play tricks on them, these tricks are surefire ways to amaze them. Check out these easy and fun ways to break the ice. From making people do simple things for you to beating them repeatedly at a game of rock papers scissors, here are ridiculous mind tricks to make them think you have powers. if you enjoy this video, share it on facebook and twitter.