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Watch This Ostrich Chase Away Cyclists

It’s fun cycling with friends but it’s even more fun cycling with an ostrich. In this video, a couple of cyclists had the pleasure to cycle with an ostrich. We don’t know exactly if the ostrich was having fun with all the physical activity or if it was chasing the cyclists away. Whatever the reason is, you can’t deny that this is a rare and adorable experience. If you wish to be chased by an ostrich while cycling, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.


Discover The Strange History of Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a newcomer in the Marvel Universe cinematic franchise but it has gained an overwhelming fan base due mostly to the cool effects on screen, compelling characterization, brilliant cast, and fun story. Add to that the unique circumstance and setting of the story which deals mostly on mysticism, spirituality, and philosophical questions about death. All of these elements have turned Doctor Strange into a fan favorite, sending more and more people to the internet to google more about this character. Check out this video to learn more about the history of Doctor Strange. If Doctor Strange is now your new Marvel favorite, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.


Fancy a 3D Selfie? Get It In This Fun Store in NYC

It seems people never get tired of selfies. Capitalizing on this embarrassing fact, a smart-thinking store in New York City devised a machine that lets you glorify yourself in 3D. Follow a young woman as she tries out this new fun way that takes narcissism to the next level. In all fairness, the finish product is actually pretty cool. If you suddenly desire to have your own 3D selfie, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.