10 Women You Wont Believe Were One Men

top 10 hottest women who were actually born male It’s okay to admit that sometimes Mother Nature makes a mistake. Sometimes, we have to change our circumstances in order to find true happiness! We were all born with a gender, the proof is there in our birth certificate. However, we have learned that just because you were born with a gender, it doesn’t mean that you identify with what you were born with. Because society today has become so progressive, and mostly accepting, people can now live in the gender they most identify with. Not only that, but they can have surgeries, shots, and more, all to help them become…


Meet The Transgender Couple Who Defied Odds Together

Love comes in all forms and sizes. In this case, it comes in any type of gender. Meet the couple who both were born opposite to their current gender. They both underwent major physical transformations in their teens and strive to live as who they really are. they met on an online social media site and decided to meet and fortunately hit it off right away. Now they’re planning to get married and build a family together. If you like this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.