Doctors in Peru use basil to lure worm out of boys eye

Doctors soon discovered that a worm was responsible for the swelling after having been living in the boy’s eye for about a month. They were able to make the discovery after taking an MRI of the young man, whose name was not mentioned in media reports. A 17-year old boy from Peru’s central Huanuco department gave a new meaning to a worm’s eye view when he arrived at the National Children’s hospital in Lima with a very swollen left eye. Ophthalmologist Carolina Marchena, explained how the worm posed serious risks for the boy’s health due to swelling near a sensitive part of the face known as the “triangle of death”…


Best Wines For Your Heart

There are certain wines that give your heart health a bigger boost. Dr. Manny sits down with Susan Kostrzewa, executive editor of Wine Enthusiast magazine for a look at which ones to sip. Research on wine just keep on going to the right direction. The general finding is that it increases good cholesterol, and lowers heart disease. In general, it really had a lot of benefits to health, as long as it is taken in moderation. Share this post on Facebook.


What Your Body Really Says About You

According to experts, your body parts say a lot about you than simply which ancestors you inherited it from. Your body parts have a variety of meaning related to your personality and health. Check out the odd things your body says about you. It’s interesting how body parts can determine your lifespan or your personality. For instance, do you know that your index fingers can tell if you’re fertile or if you’re susceptible to a certain type of cancer? Weird, right? Check out the rest of the odd descriptions in this video. If you like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.  


This Amazing Diet Makes a 70-Year-Old Woman Look Ridiculously Young

She’s the woman who rocked the internet with her stunning young looks even at the age of 70. Thanks to this amazing raw vegan diet that she has been taking for decades. Slender, toned, and infinitely young looking, this 70 year-old woman has revolutionized the secret of looking young. She has been strictly adhering to raw vegan diet in which she only eats fruits and vegetables harvested fro her garden. She also drinks only rain water, and had never eaten any processed good since she started the diet. Watch the inspiring interview and be motivated to do the same. If you can’t believe she’s actually 70, share this video on…