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Words of Wisdom

Inspiring Conversation of a Boy and Old Man About Life

Prepare your tissues because you might not be able to hold back your tears watching this heart warming video. An old man and a boy 57 years apart have a conversation about life. They ask each other questions and give touching answers. The boy’s innocence and the old man’s wise demeanor makes for a a wonderful combination that is clearly seen in this video. Watch the touching ending as they both share advice to each other. If you shed a tear watching this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


Would You Slap A Girl? Watch Endearing Reactions of Little Boys

To promote gender equality, and more essentially, kindness to one another, this social experiment is one of the most endearing and heart warming in the Internet. You will see the innocence and pure benevolence of the prepubescent boys interviewed for this experiment. It’s touching and also a good eye-opener to help understand domestic abuse especially to women around the world. If you like this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


Amazing Relationship of Pit Bull and Baby

Pit bulls are known to be the most ferocious type of dog in the world. It’s so aggressive and prone to violence that no insurance company would include it in their insurance plan. But this amazing pit bull had developed an extraordinarily loving relationship with a baby. It became the baby’s source of comfort until the baby grew up. This video tells the story of that relationship. Find out the heart warming ending of this incredibly touching story. If you now have a new found admiration for pit bulls, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.