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Strontium – Metal that Absorbs X-RAYS!

Strontium is an alkaline earth metal that is in the second group of the periodic system of chemical elements. This metal is fairly active, and thus it is stored in either kerosene or in mineral oil. For you to see the surface of strontium a bit better I washed its pieces from the oil in ethyl acetate. The strontium’s surface is black due to the fact that it was oxidised even while being in oil, and then it coated itself with a layer of strontium oxide and nitride. Strontium is a pretty solid metal resembling lead solder, but some pieces can break apart because of the fragile crystal structure. If…


Watch This Epic Amazon River Monster Caught On Camera

The amazon is filled with all kinds of river monsters and we all know the Piranha is the most famous. But one of the biggest river monsters in the Amazon, and one of my favorites, is the one they call the Arapaima. Arapaima are these long sleek looking fish that can grow up to 2 and half meters ( or around 8 feet). The record weight this monster is 200 KG or about 440 LBs, but on average they are about half that. If you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.


10 SHOCKING WWE Moments Kids Should Never Watch

Let’s face it, most of the content in professional wrestling is not meant for kids. Even though most of the violence is nothing more than kayfabe theatrics, young viewers would nevertheless be subject to witnessing countless punches, kicks, chokes, slams, spears, and all sorts of other wrestling moves – not to mention the use of metal chairs, ladders, sharp objects, guns, and other items as weapons. Additionally, there’s a plethora of scantily clad figures, oodles of sexual innuendo, and – depending on the gimmick or angle – a chance for some scary, chilling, and downright dark imagery. But who’s to say what is or isn’t appropriate for kids? It’s not like…


Eye Capturing Photos of Animals Hidden in Plain Sight

Can you find all 20 animals hiding in these photos? Nature hold the greatest masters of disguise from a house cat to the wolf spider. Nighthawks are beautiful long winged birds and are a treat to the eyes, that is if you can spot him! Their dark colored wings are made to resemble bark on a tree and the color of their feathers makes them quite difficult to spot during the day time. They are more active at night than most early birds, hints the name, but you can see this one awake during the day walking around the rocky ground. If you like this video, like us on facebook…