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4 Things You’re Not Allowed to Do in Space

There are lots of things that you’re allowed to do on earth that you absolutely can’t if you’re an astronaut. Some of them, you wouldn’t expect. One big rule is: no sex allowed. The limited space could complicate things, plus other risks. Another thing is booze. Also is bread, or crumbs, because they can float around and get inside instruments. There are other rules that should be followed in space. Find out what else. Share this video if you like it!


GOBLIN Episode 8 – Give Me My Coupons!

Aha, time for answers to some major questions, some of which we’ve suspected all along and others that are fresher, as well as the opening up of brand-new questions. It’s an interesting conundrum to witness love deepening in a world where love may not, in fact, conquer all (or even very much at all). And yet, everybody has the right to want love for themselves and protect it, whether human or god. If only there weren’t a god hierarchy that put the meanest ones at the top. If you like this video, like us on Facebook and Twitter.


Would You Buy These Magic Candles with Fancy Spells?

This old witchcraft store in New York sells fancy occultist products such as these enchanted candles. You can choose which personal spell you like etched on your magic candle. Costumers are inclined to the occult practices but some of them simply find these interesting products intriguing and mystical. They may not actually possess powerful spells but they sure would make for interesting conversations at the coffee table. If you like these magic candles, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.