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Making Your Own Compost Save Money and be Productive

Compost is the very best food you can give to the plants in your garden. However, making really great compost requires the right mix of ingredients. In this video we demonstrate how to create that perfect recipe from the ingredients you have at home. You’ll see the compost mix being created, find out what materials to avoid, trace how the compost heap progresses as it ‘cooks’ and discover how to fix common problems.


This is The Secret to Make Your Tomato Produce More Fruit

Cutting tomato leaves to produce more fruit requires you to leave some of the leaves on the original plant. Cut tomato leaves to produce more fruit. Tomatoes are a very clean and naturally healthy fruit, but you need to make sure that you’re planting them under the right conditions and taking care of them to help make sure that they are growing up as they should. If you like this video like us on Facebook and Twitter