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How To Have a Healthy Post-Romantic Future For Love

The set of ideas we can call Romanticism is responsible for making our relationships extremely difficult. We shouldn’t give up on love; we should just recognize that it’s a skill, not an emotion. Romanticism have ruined relationships for generations by giving mythical theories about love. Check out these misleading theories and find out the real, practical theory of post-romantic love to enhance your relationship. If you like this post, share it on Facebook and twitter.


Are You a Romantic or Classical? Find Out in This Insightful Video

The words ‘Romantic’ and ‘Classical’ usefully bring into focus important themes in our personalities. We’re all both, but which are you a little more of? The mode of approaching life should be a good balance between the perspectives of a romantic person and the logic of a classical individual find out which one of these two perspectives you adhere to. If yo like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.

Words of Wisdom

How To Get Closer To Someone You Love

Relationships are fraught with challenges and insecurities. Here are ways to identify problems with closeness and how to overcome it. Loving and having insecurities are signs of health and these should be accepted and understood. Learn the ways to improve your relationships by knowing the signs of insecurities in yourself and in your partner. The great news is that we can overcome it and replace it with effective ways of coping. Share this video if you like it.

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Why An Open Relationship Won’t Work For You

Having multiple partners is simply not for everyone. Find out the realistic reasons described in this video. In an evolutionary point of view, having more than one partner guarantees survivability  of the species. However, in humans, it gets more complicated. There are emotional and psychological aspects to contend with.  Some people are okay with this but others simply do better with only one partner by the side. If you like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.

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Why You Will End Up Marrying the Wrong Person

Marriage is one of life’s serious decisions. A lot of people have failed in it because they married the wrong person. Take a look at this hauntingly gloomy video that summarizes all the reasons why we are doomed to settle down with the wrong partner. This video gives the reasons why we are most likely doomed to marry the person we won’t really be happy with in the long run. It demonstrates very realistically through philosophical explanations why we’re most likely to end up in unsatisfying and unfulfilled relationships. If you like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.