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The Truth About the Infamous McDonald’s Hot Coffee Incident

The infamous McDonald’s “Hot Coffee” legal battle is considered by many to be a premier example of a frivolous lawsuit. The general story is often told that a woman named Stella Liebeck visited a McDonald’s drive-thru and purchased a cup of coffee. She then drove away with the coffee sitting between her legs while also removing the lid. That combination caused coffee to spill all over her lap. The resulting burns allowed her to file suit and win almost $3 million from McDonald’s. If you like this video, like us on facebook and twitter.


How are McDonald’s chicken nuggets made?

McDonald’s chicken nuggets are cheap and delicious. They’re the stuff people mostly go for when they need cheap good eats. But, have you ever wondered how they’re made of? To dispel rumors going around that McDonald’s chicken nuggets are made from very suspect ingredients, Grant Imahara investigates the making of these popular treats. Regardless of how it’s made, as long as it’s delicious and safe, I would still definitely stuff myself with chicken nuggets.