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Strontium – Metal that Absorbs X-RAYS!

Strontium is an alkaline earth metal that is in the second group of the periodic system of chemical elements. This metal is fairly active, and thus it is stored in either kerosene or in mineral oil. For you to see the surface of strontium a bit better I washed its pieces from the oil in ethyl acetate. The strontium’s surface is black due to the fact that it was oxidised even while being in oil, and then it coated itself with a layer of strontium oxide and nitride. Strontium is a pretty solid metal resembling lead solder, but some pieces can break apart because of the fragile crystal structure. If…


Nature’s Beautiful Misfits Sculpted from Scrap Metal

Edouard Martinet’s art will make you reimagine the insect world. The Frenchman’s sculptures are distinctly creepy, true to nature, and full of life. His medium is piles of bent metals and cast-off bits and pieces with shapes that appeal to him: bike parts, kitchen spatulas, trumpet parts, umbrella ribs—anything can be of use. Putting these items together only requires a few tools, although Martinet’s process takes months and is a test of patience. This short documentary follows his process for creating sculptures that are contradicting in the sense that they’re both beautiful and, well, junk. If you like these work of arts, share it on Facebook.