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Extraordinary Builders That Created Their Masterpieces All By Themselves

In this video, we present to you the amazing builders and inventors that created their massive masterpieces all by themselves. One man built a cathedral for 53 years. Another build and engineered a theme park that brought parents and kids together. Another created fun structures by the highway. These creative and inspiring DIYers have contributed so much to society. If you like this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.


Gordon Ramsay Pranks Other Chef

This fun loving celebrity chef is participating in a cooking class conducted by a renowned chef. But he’s wearing a disguise. Will the other chef find out who he is? Watch the hilarious video of Gordon pretending to be an old man who learns cooking for the first time. Will his finesse in the art of cooking give a clue to the teacher chef that he’s dealing with a world class celebrity chef? Find out in this amusing video. If you like Gordon Ramsay, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.

Words of Wisdom

Inspiring Conversation of a Boy and Old Man About Life

Prepare your tissues because you might not be able to hold back your tears watching this heart warming video. An old man and a boy 57 years apart have a conversation about life. They ask each other questions and give touching answers. The boy’s innocence and the old man’s wise demeanor makes for a a wonderful combination that is clearly seen in this video. Watch the touching ending as they both share advice to each other. If you shed a tear watching this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.