Guys Try Labor Pain Simulation To Honor Motherhood

What better way to celebrate motherhood than try a labor pain simulation? For guys, this is easily an admirable thing to do if not ridiculous. Follow this group of guys as they try out how it is to give birth. In celebration of motherhood, these guys hook up nodes to their abdomens which will generate pain similar to that of having a tiny human come out of your pelvis. The rest of the video is crazy screaming and loud moaning that indicates that they have indeed experienced how it is like to deliver a baby the natural way. Great job, guys! If you like this crazy video, share it on…


Guy Uses COCA COLA to Clean Dirty Toilet

This amazing video shows a person cleaning the toilet using the popular soda Coca Cola. Find out if it can actually clean a dirty toilet. We all binge drink Coca Cola at some point in our lives, but we have never thought to use it to clean our toilets. This ingenious person behind the camera use the beverage to clean his toilet and voila! it is now sparkling shiny clean. More than that, it is immaculate clean. It now begs the question about what this soda actually does to our bodies. If you’re thinking to use this soda to clean your toilet, share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Weird and Bizarre

Check Out The World’s Most Expensive Fruits

Most fruits are cheap and easily available, but these babies are truly exotic finds and have lip-smacking flavors. It’s also worth mentioning that they come with hefty price tags. These fruits are way prettier that their contemporaries and boast a more delicious and high quality flavor. Check out the world’s most costly fruits and their ridiculously expensive prices. Most of them are subjected in unique environments which give them the unique quality they possess. If you enjoy watching this video, share it on Facebook and Twitter.  


Ridiculously Gigantic Pearl Found By Fisherman Is Worth $100 Million

Look at the biggest pearl in the world. It weighs 34 kilos and is worth a whooping $100 million. A lucky fisherman in the Philippines found this gigantic gem when he was fishing after a storm. His net caught a jagged piece of rock which turned out to be the giant clam with the pearl inside. Amazingly, he kept it under his bed for a decade before submitting it for assessment when his house caught fire. The previous giant pearl that held the record was also found in the Philippines. If you couldn’t believe pearls could get this big, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.

Weird and Bizarre

Meet The Most Shockingly Deformed Animals

Most of these bizarre animals were found near a nuclear or industrial site, so it’s not a mystery what the culprit for this mutations are. Here are the ten most disturbingly deformed animals that would haunt your dreams forever. And they actually exist. Meet the one-legged snake and the two headed kitten. Say hello to the three-eyed fish and the monkey-faced pig. All of these mutated animals are unimaginable decades ago. Brace yourself for the future because we might be meeting more of these shocking species.  


The Sauce on This Pizza is Literally Overflowing

Do you need more sauce in your pizza? Check out this pizza place in New York. There sauce is literally overflowing. The pizza makers in this fine pizza place insist that this is how pizza is originally made. And they’re right. The saucy pizza will definitely make your mouth water and your face smeared with all the extra sauce. Check out this video for a visul experience on how they make this incredibly amazing pizza. If you suddenly have a craving for pizza, share this video on Facebook and Twitter.


Incredible Video Of A Bear Chasing A Cyclist Through The Woods

When you’re planning to go cycling through the woods one sunny morning, never forget to bring your GoPro with you. You never when something incredible might just happen. Take this guy for example: he’s casually riding his bike and using a GoPro when he catches a grizzly bear running towards him. Some people claim this video is a hoax and that the bear was merely digitized. Real or not, you can’t deny that this video can make your heart stop. Check it out and decide for yourself. If you this video made you a little excited because of the bear, share it on Facebook and Twitter.