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Why We Go Cold On Our Partners

Going cold on our partners is often a sign not that we have stopped caring, but that we are – somewhere deep down – furious or hurt. Relationships are fragile and needs constant care and nourishment. But in some cases, people fail to make their partners feel special, or maybe because of lack of communication, the other partner feels neglected and hurt. But it’s easy to bring back the romance. Share this video if you liked it.


Are You a Romantic or Classical? Find Out in This Insightful Video

The words ‘Romantic’ and ‘Classical’ usefully bring into focus important themes in our personalities. We’re all both, but which are you a little more of? The mode of approaching life should be a good balance between the perspectives of a romantic person and the logic of a classical individual find out which one of these two perspectives you adhere to. If yo like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.