Promote Healthy Female Health And Please Your Husband

A great way to take care of your health and please your husband. And while sex might not be everything for a relationship, it is absolutely a critical factor for the success of a relationship. Because of this, many women feel a high stress induction pressure for good preforms, looking a certain way for their man, since their body feels as strong as possible, including their vagina. if you like this video,like us on facebook and twitter.

Science and Technology

4 Things You’re Not Allowed to Do in Space

There are lots of things that you’re allowed to do on earth that you absolutely can’t if you’re an astronaut. Some of them, you wouldn’t expect. One big rule is: no sex allowed. The limited space could complicate things, plus other risks. Another thing is booze. Also is bread, or crumbs, because they can float around and get inside instruments. There are other rules that should be followed in space. Find out what else. Share this video if you like it!

Words of Wisdom

Why An Open Relationship Won’t Work For You

Having multiple partners is simply not for everyone. Find out the realistic reasons described in this video. In an evolutionary point of view, having more than one partner guarantees survivability  of the species. However, in humans, it gets more complicated. There are emotional and psychological aspects to contend with.  Some people are okay with this but others simply do better with only one partner by the side. If you like this video, share it on facebook and twitter.


Ridiculously Effective Ways to Burn 200 Calories

It’s actually easy to burn 200 calories. Just sleep for 3 hours and voila! you’ve vanished the calories. Here are other weird yet easy ways, and they actually work, to burn off those unwanted extra cal. You accidentally ditched your diet plan for a piece of that irresistible cupcake resulting to unwanted calories. What do you do? Thinking of hitting the gym or do a stricter diet plan rarely helps. Instead, try these scientifically proven tips to burn the extra calories. You have to do them a ridiculous number of times but they’re way easier and more fun than just running. If you want to give these tips a try, share…

Words of Wisdom

Are You a Couch Potato? Check out the Science Behind Laziness

We all love lounging around sometimes but there are others who like it more than others. Find out what makes people lazy, and how we can fight it. Genetics, environmental factors, and dopamine level can affect your inclination to get physical active. An interesting study is demonstrated in the video about the mutation of a laziness gene. Check out what makes you a couch potato and start fighting it for a better, healthier life. If you enjoy this video, share it on facebook and twitter.