Great White shark breaks into diver’s cage! How terrifying!

Diver’s cages provide professional divers and tourists alike an opportunity to observe sharks in their habitat without fear of getting attacked. But,what happens when a shark breaks into the cage while someone is still inside? This is exactly what happened during an innocent dive which quickly turned into a terrifying struggle between life and death. Luckily, the man was safe and the shark was able to get away from the cage, too!


Man fights off shark with a broom!

People often tremble in fear when they come across sharks. This is quite understanable as sharks are among the deadliest predators in the ocean. They are known to attack and kill their prey mercilessly. Movies like Jaws also help cultivate fear about sharks. This man’s encounter with a shark is the stuff of movies. Watch how he tries to fight for his survival in the video below! What would you do if you were faced in a situation like this?